7-in-1 Body Building and ProForm Mini Stepper Package


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About This Item

You can do it all and get an intense total body workout at home with the ProForm 7 in 1 Body Building Workout System.

This set has everything you need to turn your beast mode on and transform your entire body. It includes a door gym, rotating push handles, ab and core straps, a toning wheel, a workout DVD, a nutrition guide, and an exercise chart. The door gym fits most standard door frames and doesn't leave you with damaging screw holes. The 7 in 1 system is compact, convenient, and sets you up for successful toning of your muscles, a stronger and more powerful physique, and an overall healthier and happier you.

Eat clean, train dirty, blast your music, and work it out with this ProForm 7 in 1 Body Building System and you are on your way to a body you will feel good about.

Take some steps toward a healthier lifestyle with the ProForm Mini Stepper Workout System.

Eliminate the need for multiple pieces of exercise equipment with this mini stepper because it's everything you need to get your exercise routine going at home. It's a low impact workout that helps you burn fat, increase muscle, and tone your figure and while you are stepping away, the non slip foot pads keep you in place while you use the 2 bungee resistance bands for an extra bit of burnin' love for your arms. You can keep tabs on your fitness progress with the electronic meter that tracks your steps, calories, and time.

It's time to step up to the challenge with the ProForm Mini Stepper and increase your muscle development and say adios to those tiny creatures called calories that sneak into your closet at night and sew your clothes a little bit tighter.

  • Intense total body workout
  • 7 Piece System Includes: Door gym, rotating push handles, ab and core straps, toning wheel, workout DVD, exercise chart, and nutrition guide
  • Fits most standard door frames
  • Convenient storage size
  • No damaging screw holes
  • Low impact workout that shapes and tones your entire body
  • Non slip foot pads
  • Electronic meter tracks your steps, calories, and time
  • 2 resistance bands
  • Sleek, compact, and stores away nicely
  • Manufacturer warranty: 60-day warranty